Looong Meetings

Have you ever asked yourself, how much a meeting with five top-class co-workers costs? You'd be surprised, how high the number was!

Meet-O-Meter calculates this amount down to the last Cent and shows you directly what happens when you keep meeting longer than necessary.

Of course, not all meetings are superfluous. Many are, though, because they don't show results or little information was conveyed. Seeing the cost in comparison would make anybody responsible start to wonder.

Meet-O-Meter may look like fun (and people will be laughing with you), but it's background is serious: ineffective meetings are expensive!

Shorter meetings

Input the number of people present and guess their average daily rate. If the discussion's concerned with the teeniest details or another one tells a joke, point to the money flying out of the window and get the meeting back on track.

If you prefer your numbers more concise, have each person enter their salary anonymously. In the end you'll have an exact quote of the "worth" of your meeting.

Meet-O-Meter will allways show the damage a (too long) meeting has done.

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