How do you use Meet-O-Meter?

Install Meet-O-Meter on a laptop and take it with you to your meetings.

Start the program, enter the number of people present and their average daily rates in Euros.

Switch to the clock-view. The clock starts ticking as soon as you see the money flying.

Alternatively, you can install Meet-O-Meter on the computer used for the presentation. Pull it into the foreground at the beginning and the end of the meeting to show everybody how much money was spent.

How do I change the appearance of Meet-O-Meter?

  • Choose your own picture for the background.
  • Choose a new color for text and background-color by clicking on the color-chooser.

Now, when you switch to the clock-view, you'll see the money flowing.

Click on the place on the picture, where you want the money to come out.


Which operating systems are supported?

Meet-O-Meter was tested under Windows XP and needs .NET 2.0.

If you haven't installed .NET 2.0. on your computer, it will automatically be downloaded at installation time.

Can you easily de-install Meet-O-Meter?

Use System>Settings>Software in your Windows preferences to de-install Meet-O-Meter.

Choose Meet-O-Meter from the list and click "Remove".

About Meet-O-Meter

Are we cynical?

No we aren't! We just know that futile meetings aren't worth it. We simply have a playfull way of showing that.

Are we against meetings in general?

No we aren't. There are sensible meetings where important information is shared and assignments are accepted. Still, even those meetings shouldn't take too long.

Is Meet-O-Meeter a game?

Yes. An educational game. In a diverting way, it shows that the hated meetings are hurting the business, if they aren't prepared and held properly.

Who's profiting?


Workers see how much their bosses are willing to invest to tell them about something.

People presenting

People who are presenting learn how good their information has to be, to be worth the expense of telling a group of people about it.

Listeners are better at concentrating, when they know the presentation will be short.


Meet-O-Meter is a chance for bosses to show their workers, how much they spend to tell them something important.


What's Meet-O-Meter's license?

You buy the right to use and display Meet-O-Meter on one PC.

Do you like Meet-O-Meter? Buy the German version for 9.99 Euro (VAT inc.). or let us know you want it in English!