Meet-O-Meter calculates the cost of meetings two ways:

  • by entering the number of persons and their average daily rate
  • by anonymously entering each person's salary.

The numbers are used by Meet-O-Meter to calculate the (opportunity) cost of your meeting by the second.

In a different panel Meet-O-Meter shows what other things you could have bought with the amount "wasted" during the meeting, if you'd worked for a paying customer instead of just sitting there: food, a car, a yacht, ...

Meet-O-Meter mit Bild vom Matheturm Meet-O-Meter mit Bild vom Gewerbehof

Graphically change Meet-O-Meter to your heart's content:

  • your own choice of colors.
  • your own picture in the backround - how about the front of your building?
  • choose the exact "place" on the picture where the money's supposed to bubble out - for example the window of your conference room.

Do you like Meet-O-Meter? Buy the German version for 9.99 Euro (VAT inc.). or let us know you want it in English!